Our Leadership

Marc Vella


Before founding ParentsVoice BC in 2022, for the prior decade Marc has been a volunteer on boards, committees, and campaigns at the local, provincial, and national level with the Conservative Party of Canada.

The founding insight that inspired him to start ParentsVoice BC was the realization that while both the political Left and Right are represented and aided by their respective political parties at the Federal and Provincial levels, at the school board level only the Left maintained this structure (albeit in a slightly under-the-radar manner in the guise of the Teacher’s union). This is why even in solidly “conservative” regions of the province—judged, say, by whom they elect as their MPs and MLAs—the school boards lean decidedly Left. ParentsVoice BC was born to level this playing field and give truly independent local people a chance against the Teacher’s union’s favoured candidates.

Ironically, Marc and his four siblings grew up in Powell River, BC where his immigrant father drove a forklift for 39 years at the local unionized Pulp & Paper mill. Marc is himself a strong union supporter—the story of how Mother Jones and the unions saved the miners in Virginia from virtual slavery is an inspiration to him—but feels the Teacher’s union has been captured by the woke Left elite that have now steered it into areas far beyond its mandate of workers’ rights and into areas like children’s pedagogical methods.